November 21-22, 2013 UNICEF HQ, New York
Computer-Based Math Education Summit hosted by UNICEF

The Computer-Based Math™ (CBM) Education Summit has become the major hub for a fundamental change to math education.

The 2013 event was cohosted by UNICEF to answer the question, how do we deliver improved life opportunities worldwide by cooperating on a fundamental rethink of the math curriculum? It brought together a broad cross section of leaders from industry, technology, education, and governments from a range of countries.

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Quotes about Computer-Based Math

“We don't want students to be third-rate computers; we want them to be first-rate problem solvers.”

Conrad Wolfram
From the 2013 Summit

Conrad Wolfram gives a 25-year vision for fixing math education, including early experience and examples of CBM's pilot projects, with an overview of what's needed to scale up this direction—to developing and developed countries alike. Outlining the key objectives of the summit, he works to provide a clear focus for working through and driving change.

Chris Fabian introduces the work of UNICEF's Innovation Unit, highlighting the importance of education in changing outcomes for the most disadvantaged. Chris then expands on the three big opportunities presented through the summit: opportunities for new collaboration, new information, and new financial models.

Videos from the 2012 Summit
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