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Computer-Based Maths for Students

Do you enjoy studying maths? Does maths make sense to you? Do you know how you can use it in life?

No, no and no are the usual answers! Actually, the right maths can really help you, but more importantly, you could be much better at it than you think. "Right" is the key word. That's why at we've completely rethought what maths should look like in education. What's got to change is how you use tech for maths. You've probably got access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. We think you should be allowed to use it in maths. You shouldn't have to learn it all by hand first!

Sounds like you don't need to think to do that? No way! You'll get to real problems that are so much more interesting. Not "solve x2 + 2x + 1=0", but stuff like, "are girls better at maths?" or "can I spot a cheat?" You need to get really good at problem solving like this using computers, so you can use maths to help you in life.

We'd really like to get you up and running right here from this site. We're working on courses to help. It would be great if you could sign up, for when we are ready.

Resources you can use today

While we build CBM materials for you to try, here are a number of related activities that aren't CBM but will give a flavour of the technology and activities available in CBM lessons:


Wolfram Programming Lab

Wolfram Language

Wolfram Demonstrations Project


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