Each project is in one of five categories that broadly cover computational thinking: Architecture of computation, Data science, Geometry, Information theory and Modelling.

Submit a Solution

You can submit a solution to a project by emailing us directly at


Do I need a Wolfram or CBM account to solve a project?

You will need a Wolfram Cloud account to open a project for the first time. Registration for Wolfram Cloud accounts is free.

Can I share a project?

When you open a project, a unique, editable copy is saved to your Wolfram Cloud account. To share it, click Share in the menu at the top and follow the steps.

Do I have to send my solution?

No, but all solutions sent to us help us to improve the projects.

I’d like to give feedback on a project—how can I do this?

On the second page of every project is a feedback section. We’d love to hear your thoughts!