The resources on this page will help you understand the movement, its underpinnings and our future direction. If you're interested in getting involved, please let us know and join the discussion on our forum.


Conrad Wolfram's Pivotal TED Talk

Conrad Wolfram, founder of the CBM initiative, discusses why it's important to rethink maths education, and how adapting it to computers is the future.

CBM Summit 2015 Opening

Conrad Wolfram assesses how CBM is doing five years on. What has CBM achieved? Where do we go from here?

Working through the Objections to CBM

Conrad Wolfram, founder of, and Jon McLoone, content director of, work through some common objections to Computer-Based Maths education.

Estonia: A Case Study in Educational Change

Jaak Aaviksoo, former Minister of Education in Estonia, reflects on the first CBM pilot in Estonia, the differences between teaching and learning, and how CBM is pioneering a different type of learning.

Should We Integrate Coding and Maths Education?

Simon Peyton Jones and Andrew Fitzgibbon from Microsoft Research Cambridge explore how coding and maths are related and the arguments for combining a coding and maths curriculum.

Project-Based Learning Examples

Beaver Country Day school shares its use of practical tasks to instigate mathematics and modeling using computers.

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Resources you can use today

While we build CBM materials for you to try, here are a number of related activities that aren't CBM but will give a flavour of the technology and activities available in CBM lessons:


Wolfram Programming Lab

Wolfram Language

Wolfram Demonstrations Project


More to explore

Here is a range of interesting problems that can be explored. You can find many more on the Wolfram Blog.

"How to Make a Webcam Intruder Alarm with Mathematica" "Is the Weather Biased?" "Musical Archaeology with Mathematica" "Do Computers Dumb Down Maths Education?" "Mathematica Tests the St. Swithun's Day Proverb" "Self-Description" "25 Best Hangman Words" "Flag Analysis with Mathematica"